Ruben Rebatta

Ruben Rebatta in a few years has become the king of the beach and umbrellas. All he needs is sand, water and a lots of creativity.

His beginnings in the ephemeral art of sand sculpture began by chance. “10 years ago I went camping with some friends to the beach and on arrival saw a man who was carving in sand”.

The artist who can make any sand sculpture

“It was an amateur but he did very well. I found it was easy to mold the sand and liked it so much that I stood there fascinated for two hours. ” He says that same day he began practicing with his brother. It’s funny because before I had had no contact with sand sculptures or figures.

When he reaches what he considers his home, the beach. Begins to compact the sand and raise what he considers a laborious figure. 36 hours separate him from his ultimate goal: Develop the iconic figure of Baja California. A bottle of wine, cheese, lobster garnished with grapes. (1.40 m long and just over two meters)

His work starts with sunrise and with the help of one of his friends. He Tells us that the most difficult are the first hours where the foundations of their work will be forged.

I look to form a kind of crust, a layer. The last thing is the cleaning process. You have to take off as many imperfections, make it look clean. The grounds have to be flat and the sides must be clean to better appreciate the sculpture.

How long can a sculpture last?
If it is not thumbed a sculpture can last for days, even months. What happens is that most of the time curious children begin to play with them.

You just got back from Mexico?
Yes, I had the opportunity to attend the Baja Sand a Sand Art Festival, I had an excellent experience because I have never participated in an event of this magnitude, the largest in Latin America. I represented Peru in this important event.

It has been 10 years since I have dedicated myself to making sand sculptures. It was borne as a way to have fun on the beach and now I have won awards in other parts of America. I dedicate myself to paint pictures, but all I do is empirical. I wanted to study at the National School of Fine Arts but could not due to lack of resources.

When people see what I do they do not imagine that will make an impressive and big sand figure. My greatest virtue is perseverance and my worst fault is that I get stressed very quickly. I do not like soccer.

Participated in the third Latin American Artist encounter in Marindia, Uruguay also in the second Sand and the City in Abril of 2015 in El Salvador and on the seventh edition of the Baja Sand in August 29 y 30 of 2016 in Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, México.