Ricardo Rojas Muñoz

Ricardo Rojas Muñoz

Ephemeral Art that transcends

Like all art that transcends, the ephemeral becomes an aspiration that breaks the barriers of time and matter, but leaves its essence in the soul.

Such are the creations of Ricardo Rojas Muñoz, native of Papalotla, one of the smallest municipalities in the state of Tlaxcala, where he has distinguished himself in various techniques of Ephemeral Art ranging from urban murals and posters to carpets and rugs commemorating parties Religious and popular.

Every year in Huamantla Tlaxcala is a reason for admiration and realization of carpets of sawdust, cereals, clay and marmolina in the famous “magic night” or better known as “the night that no one sleeps” on the occasion of the religious festivities of his community, with Diverse images that are fused with the popular fervor.

Ricardo Rojas Muñoz, is a pío studio, is Professor of Plastic Arts, who for the first time, will show all his creativity and talent at the Art and Arena Sand Festival 2017.