Exhibición de Esculturas de Arena

Those days you spent at the beach building sand castles with a bucket and a shovel will be child’s play compared to what you will see on the exhibition of sand sculptures in the Baja Sand.

The appointment is in Rosarito’s Saturday 26 and Sunday August 27, 2017, from 10:00 am

A date for you to come with your family and friends, or better yet, make your team and participate in the sand Figure competition, or enjoy professional exhibition, where the intricate, huge and ingenious works go beyond the “Sand castles”.

During the first day of the construction, the sculptors receive large amount of sand (skills teams work with between 2 and 5 tons of sand).

Then, thanks to a rigorous process of sand gathering and compression, stacking and carving, sculpture takes shape, develops and manifests itself in all its glory. And although the sand art can be ephemeral compared with marble, granite or bronze, they can obtained exquisite and delicate forms that will delight your senses.

You need to bring your bucket!

3 thoughts on “Exhibición de Esculturas de Arena

  1. Lo primero que todos nos preguntan es qué pasa si llueve, pero el viento y el sol son peores que la lluvia cuando estás esculpiendo en arena

  2. Mojamos las esculturas conforme trabajamos. La tensión superficial del agua mantiene adherida la arena. La arena siempre es diferente.

    Rogelio Evans

  3. La arena de playa es redonda porque las olas la han erosionado. Tienes que escuchar a la arena. Te dice qué debes de construir. La escultura en arena es una combinación brillante de ingeniería y arte

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