Elizabeth Pantoja

Photo: Alejandro Keys

He had her first approaches to the arts in the year 1991, through the design, development and in the interior design in one of the the largest department store chain in the region.

Years later she studied the art of building masks with Italian teachers Margherita Pavia and Francesca Giordano, performing a collection of masks over masks of the comedy dell’arte, opening her first bazaar-gallery.

Eager to introduce innovations in her painting techniques in two thousand and six, the cultural project “The Magic Door, arts and crafts school” specializing in artistic workshops embossed at the IMSS in Tijuana in two thousand and eight.

In two thousand and eleven she held her first solo exhibition of acrylic and mixed media in art venues in a renowned gastronomic center of Tijuana, this year she exhibited her work at Universes in ICBC (Tijuana Center for the Arts) in two thousand and fifteen she presented her first solo exhibition of watercolors titled ICBC Aqualotos in Playas de Rosarito.

She is a founding member of the Society of Watercolor Painters of Baja California, she is currently self-taughing and takIng virtual classes with various artists world-class; including one that has helped  in her development such as  Anna Mason’s and Rosse Barbera.

At Baja Sand she will be presenting during the event her collection of watercolors Aqualotos, a beautiful collection of lotus flowers done in watercolor on paper, plus some works in acrylic.