Carlos Bueno

a2-f13-m160356-a3e0eb8e904a3ace7b40f245ca23e28ca9f13004CARLOS POETRY AND GOOD WORK UNVEILS ENDLESS SECRETS THROUGH X RAYS

Carlos Alberto Bueno’s medical training started practicing photography over ten years ago, when he begun to experiment with medical imaging using his X-ray equipment.

Analyzing the pervasive effect of radiation on various inanimate objects. Inspired by the work of X-ray photography of various artists from Europe and the United States in 2009 he decided to start a more serious work in order to create a unique technique using some advanced computer software support.

Since then, Bueno has released his work in various festivals such as: Entijuanarte (2010); FestiArte (2011); Rosarito Art Fest (2011 and 2012); Rosarito Blues Fest (2014).

Within the framework of the Northwest Medical Congress, he showed his work at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT, 2014), where he gave the keynote address “X-ray photographic art.”

In 2015, he participated in the same enclosure, in the exhibition “Rosarito in CECUT”. That same year he exhibited his work at the Art Festival Walk San Diego.

In all these areas, he was highlighted by being the only artist working with this technique. His images have been published in photography magazines “Photo Zoom” and “Our Image”, publications of national circulation.